Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crepe-Suzette brand expands available corset styles

We've been working hard at coming up with new, modern styles of authentic busk corsets at the CS warehouse. Take a look at our latest styles here and check out this video from our partner store featuring new upcoming styles to be in stores before December 2009.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Sense Corset Waists

Found these images of some amazing vintage ads for "Good Sense Corset Waists" that I just had to share. They advertise corsets for the whole family, including babies and toddlers! These were printed back in the late 1800's and I just couldn't keep them to myself!

There is also this one, from the same era that even gives the prices! Only have two quarters to rub together? No problem, you can buy a corset for your baby!

Now, we might not have corsets for your babies, toddlers, or even young children, but we've got some incredible corsets for you adults out there and the good news is they're on closeout right now at our sister site,! Not quite the 1800's price, but an incredible deal none-the-less. Check out the entire selection at Don't miss out, these prices are only good while supplies last. And they are GOING FAST!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Can't Believe It's A Girdle Ad from 1971

This is an original 1971 "I Can't Believe It's A Girdle" Ad from 1971. I found this on youtube, and couldn't wait to show it to you vintage lovers. We actually still carry this playtex vintage girdle in the brief and all-in-one style in our Crepe-Suzette store.


Friday, July 03, 2009

Vintage Bullet Bra "Angle-Action" Softcup Bra by Bi-Flex

This truly authentic vintage softcup bra is amazing in its design alone, but add the original manufacturer's box and its a one-of-a-kind. Well, mostly. We've actually got two of these beauties. One in size 32A, in a matching box and one in size 34A in a box for a 32B. Both of the boxes have some damage to the tops, but the 32B box is in significantly better shape.

Marketing lingo from the box says:
"'Angle-Action' straps float all tension off bosom and shoulders."
"4-section circular-stitched cups mold gently but firmly."
"Stitched non-curl band prevents rolling."
"Classic center section for perfect fit and heavenly comfort."

These bullet bras are made from 100% cotton and have small elastic panels in the front center and at the back where the hook and eye closures are for a customized fit. Comes with old-style adjustable straps. These will go fast, as previous experience would tell me, so if you're interested - snap them up quickly. Bullet bras aren't easy to find anymore, especially with the original manufacturer's packaging.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the Tags, Vintage Poirette Ultratoner Waistline Briefs

I wanted to share with you this pair of waistline control briefs that are still in the manufacturer's packages with the original tags.

from our site's description: These Ultratoner Waistline Briefs are an absolutely amazing find. Designed with high waist styling, an exclusive lightweight, elastic fabric with "built-in memory action", overlapping tummy control pannel, low-cut legs for stay in place comfort, hidden garter tab holders, feminine accent bow, special rear light control paneling for a natural look, and a cotton panty liner.

But the best part of these briefs is the amazing packaging. Maybe its just me, being a bit of a sucker for vintage fonts and design, but you've gotta check the pics out and then read some of the marketing lingo -- absolutely priceless.

Here's the front and back of the package, respectively.

I love the front of that package. She is beautified with her bright red lipstick, and full make-up. She has her hands folded across her chest for modesty, and the best part: a wedding ring on her finger.

Like I said, could be just me, but normally you don't see wedding rings on lingerie models in current catalogs. Love her hair and headband too. Just wonderful.

You can read some of the marketing schpeel off the package... but here are some of my favorite parts:

"Tones, trims, slims...feels like an all day body massage."
(Righteous! I totally want one of those.)

"Because only Ultratoner has two secrets. Fantastic Elastic. Plus -- unique contour control!"
(I added the bold - it rhymes. And, how can secrets be secrets if they are plainly printed on the packaging? Non-Secret 1. fantastic elastic Non-Secret 2. unique contour control! Just saying...)

"This fantastic elastic, a lightweight hi-luster blend designed exclusively for Poirette, has a built-in memory action that gives and returns with your every motion...walking, stretching, bending, breathing." (Note the little illustrated yoga folks on the package breathing, stretching and bending)

"Thanks to Ultratoner, you've never looked (or felt!) so ultra sleek!" " Tones, Trims, Slims!"

So fantastic! If you've got some vintage designs, fonts, ads you want to share with me, email them to I'll pick one/a few to feature on the blog and give the winners a coupon code for 10% off any Vintage item in our store.