Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Case of the Mystery Strap aka Vintage Airway Surgical Appliances Rigid Boned Corset in Purple, sz 40

Talk about some serious support!

This is the Airway Surgical Appliances answer to a post-surgical lumbar/back/abdominal/all-over-mid-body support garment. Its intense, to say the least. There are two sets of strong, rigid (in other words, not much bending allowed) boning running up the back of this garment (that can be removed), two sets of three tight cinching laces and quick-adjust straps, a front set of industrial strength* hook and eye closures with lovely silver snaps to help hold ya in place.

This garment is vintage, as you can tell. Not many things made with the craftsmanship and quirkiness of vintage undergarments. Its got a few small elastic panels, mainly in the front along the top to help form to the wearer's body/ bust and allow for a bit of movement as well, there are two at the bottom for hip movement. Its also got a nice ribbon trim along the outside, and nice clear plastic rings to hold back the cinching straps and keep them from flapping. The attachments to the laces, and all other fixtures are made of heavy duty metal.

The mystery comes from the two straps you see cutely rolled and piled up on the bottom there (Elaine tucked it all pretty like that for the picture :))

I'll get some better pictures of the straps, but heres the mystery... There are two straps approx. 20 inches long that are attached to the garment with a snap on either side of the center closure. The portion of the straps that are closest to the body of the garment appear to have been pretty stretchy at some point, although most of the stretch is gone now. Also along the bottom are two teeth claw grabbers that appear to be garter tabs for those coordinating purple stockings we all have in our stocking drawer (/sarcasm). (Sorry the pics aren't great. I'll get some new ones if we can't figure it out from these pics.

Anyway, so you guys should tell me what these straps are for. So that therefore I can go tell all the girls what the straps are for as if it came from my own bank of information and essentially claim it as my own personal fact. However, for allowing me to leech your knowledge, I'll give you free shipping and 10% off your next order if you are the first who can tell me what the purpose of the purple straps is.

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