Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still in the box - OTC Professional Supports Girdle

OTC Sacro Lumbar Support Girdle

Wow. The craftmanship in this garment is unreal. This thing is a serious piece of work. Brand new, still in the original packaging (a narrow pink box - slightly beaten) is not for the casual wearer. This girdle is packed with features for supreme control and support.

This girdle has two sets of laces on either side that are divided into two sections. The laces travel up the entire length of the garment and are then fed collectively into two separate pull-tight harnesses giving the wearer even more control and even more cinching power. Each of these four pull-tight straps fits nicely into a belt loop to hold it in place. There is a hook and eye closure in the front to one side so that once the garment has been adjusted to the wearer, they can easily take it off and on without redoing the laces. (Nice thought, guys) I'd hate to have to re-lace it each time.

OTC Sacro Lumbar Support Girdle

In the back there are two curved rigid steel bones for ultimate support, but they can be removed if its a little too much by just feeding the boning through an opening at the top of the garment. Clever, huh? It comes complete with two adjustable removable garters in the box. Size 32 Waist, 38 Hips.

This is an amazingly well-built garment for someone with serious support needs. Brand new, still in original packaging? Hard to find, for sure! Worth the effort, too!

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