Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vintage Bestform Garterbelt with light Boning

This is a pretty unique find. I actually had to ask one of the girls here if this was a garterbelt or a girdle. I've decided its a little bit of both.

Its cut long enough in the back to give the rump some cover, but short enough in the hips and front to allow for some serious leg movement. Manufactured by Bestform, this is one of those garments you look at and know its going to last. Its got three pieces of flexible boning in the front to keep down the tummy pooch, flat lying seams, and no-stretch control panels. There are only two stretch panels on this garterbelt, along the hips made from a nylon/ rubber blend. This small bit of elastic paneling allows for movement and customizeable fit in an otherwise rigid garment.

The cut is high enough on the front part of the thighs to allow for freedom of movement, and there are two small shaping darts in the back for rump room. The embroidered floral pattern throughout the body is a nice touch adding elegance and style. The center panel is attached using a very sturdy stitch pattern that leaves just a hint of space for a touch of mystery. It attaches on the left front side with hook and eye closures. Four permanently attached garters are fully adjustable.

This piece has never been worn and still has the original Bestform tags attached. Style #03128, in white, size 28.

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