Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vintage Vanity Fair Black Lace Teddy

A throwback to moonboots, "the moonwalk" and, Moonlighting... We love the '80's!

The teddy was a staple of 80's wardrobe along with snapping bodysuits, stirrups and leg warmers. But this black beauty from Vanity Fair has an elegant sexiness to it that the rest of the 80's fashion rarely did. (Sorry side ponytails and multiple belts.) Sheer black nylon panels with detailed lace sections come together in a criss-cross pattern that accentuates all the assets.

From the belly button up, this teddy is cut in a scalloped design and stitched together with little peak holes for an extra hint of mystery. Two satin covered buttons adorn the top for a bit more strength. Three small snaps hook at the crotch, ribbon straps are adjustable. This gorgeous teddy is delicate and demanding all at once. If Maddie would have put this on, I guarantee David Addison, Jr. would have acted a lot sooner - course the ratings would have gone down a lot sooner, too.

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